Brainy coaching for smart professionals.

These services are custom-designed to support successful professionals in their quest for greater business success and personal well-being. This coaching focuses on specific behaviours and mindsets that need to be addressed so that lasting, effective change takes place in leaders and their organizations.

Among the issues that are often the focus of coaching at this level:

  • overcoming the attitudes and behaviours that thwart effective leadership
  • putting an end to procrastination and disorganization
  • creating the conditions for teams to flourish
  • harnessing key personal strengths that enhance performance and meaning
  • establishing positive family legacies around wealth and philanthropy
  • staying sane through insane periods at work
  • creating psychologically healthy workplaces

For more information, contact Dr. Moira Somers, C.Psych. at (204) 488-6796.

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