I have a clinical practice based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Services include:

Financial Therapy:
This is for people who are in distress because of some aspect of their finances. They may be in constant conflict with their spouse. They may be spending more than they can afford. Or they may be unable to enjoy the success they’ve obtained because they’re constantly living in fear of losing it all.

Sudden Wealth Coaching: This is designed for people who have recently obtained significant business success, legal settlements, or inheritances. It aims to help people manage their financial transition successfully, with a minimum of emotional and relational upheaval. Through their work with Dr. Somers, coaching clients will develop an unparalleled level of clarity about key aspects of money, including:

  • their fears and regrets about having and managing money
  • their spending and saving habits
  • their deep-seated attitudes towards money and people who have it (or don’t)
  • their hopes for what they might like to create with it in their lives, families, and communities

Clients will develop a solid financial plan that will see them through the immediate and more distant future.

Psychotherapy and Life Coaching: These are for people who want support in addressing mental and physical health challenges as well as in goal achievement. My treatment approach includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, mindfulness training, and positive psychology.

Many insurance companies provide reimbursement for services provided by a registered psychologist.