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Advising Anxious, Angry or AWOL Clients

By March 24, 2020April 23rd, 2020No Comments

Now, more than ever, the personal side of advising matters.
Are you ready to up your game?

Live Webinar with Financial Psychologist Dr. Moira Somers on
Advising Anxious, Angry or AWOL Clients

Here’s what my work has taught me: Nothing draws the emotion out of people faster than money. This is true even at the best of times. And now is not the best of times.

It is, however, a superb time for financial advisors to demonstrate exceptional value to their clients, to those people who have entrusted them with so much.

In this Webinar with the author of Advice that Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice that People Will Follow, you will learn practical, evidence-based strategies for:

  • Talking to upset clients so that they will settle faster and more completely
  • Figuring out your client’s primary coping style
  • Helping to prevent regrettable decisions
  • Contributing to client well-being
  • Working with your own heightened emotions
Thursday, April 2nd at 2-3pm CT
Click here to join us on April 2nd