Brainy coaching for smart professionals.

I work with emerging leaders from technical fields such as engineering, finance, high tech, and manufacturing. My typical clients are people who have demonstrated excellence in their designated technical roles, and who now want to move into leadership positions within private or publicly held companies.

There are different styles of executive coaching. My background as a neuropsychologist allows me to home in on specific behaviours and mindsets that high potential leaders must adopt in order to BE effective and to BE SEEN as effective. Through a mix of 1:1 sessions and a disciplined process of stakeholder feedback, I help clients become more skillful and confident, equipping them for higher levels of leadership. At the same time, I believe  that leaders at all levels need a place to safely discuss their concerns and struggles. I create such a space for them in our work together.

Among the issues that are often the focus of coaching at this level:

  • changing the attitudes and behaviours that most commonly thwart effective leadership
  • improving the speed and quality of decision making
  • creating the conditions for teams to flourish
  • increasing employee engagement and dealing with under-performers
  • harnessing key personal strengths that enhance performance and meaning
  • staying sane through insane periods at work
  • establishing healthy boundaries within family-owned businesses
  • dealing with issues around wealth creation and transfer, including succession planning and raising financially responsible children

For more information, contact me at, or call  (204) 488-6796.

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