When careers take off and when family wealth increases, life can take on new levels of complexity. 

Are you new to the wealth landscape? Are you part of a family that has been affluent for the past few generations? Either way you may find yourself facing both opportunities and challenges that are not well understood by most people. You need solutions that are nuanced enough to speak to your unique situation while building on the best of what others have already figured out.

I provide services in the following areas: 

Individual and Family Wealth Consulting  My clients are people who are consciously committed to using wealth well. They want to explore what it means for their career, their family, and the broader world, and they want to do that with someone who fully understands the terrain. Common concerns include figuring out what’s next in life and work, disclosing one’s financial status (whether, when, and to whom), raising great kids in the context of privilege, and preparing for wealth transfer.

Sudden Wealth Coaching  This is designed for people who have recently received an influx of wealth through such things as equity positions in successful start-ups, divorce settlements, inheritances, major sports contracts, lottery wins, etc. It aims to help people manage their financial transition successfully, and to eliminate the regrettable decisions sometimes associated with sudden money events. Issues addressed include the dealing with the emotional impact of the money, handling other people’s emotions and assumptions, guarding against exploitation, and creating a life of one’s own choosing.

Family Retreats   I lead sessions at Family Assembly Retreats, addressing issues that orbit around the general themes of family wealth and psychological well-being. Commonly requested topics include financial literacy, the implications of intergenerational wealth for parenting and grandparenting, and brain health across the lifespan.