Keynote Presenter and Behavioural Consultant


An audience of thousands? A small team dedicated to excellence in advising? An organization looking to improve equitable access to financial services? Dr. Somers loves engaging with them all! She brings a winning combination of scientific expertise and direct client experience to bear on the challenges faced by advice-givers and change-makers everywhere.

Currently, Dr. Somers is the behavioural strategist for Knudge, a FinTech company dedicated to helping make financial follow-through easier for clients and advisors alike. She is also consulting on research projects aimed at reducing frank bias and unhelpful elements of friction in accessing financial products.

Dr. Somers is a popular speaker and educator. Her talks are hailed for their interesting and actionable fusion of findings from  neuroscience, behavioural economics, positive psychology and behaviour change. Conference organizers value Moira’s commitment to delivering customized content filled with practical, easy-to-implement recommendations. The majority of her sessions  are CE eligible.

Keynote Titles Include:

  • Overcoming the Implementation Impasse: Why Good Clients Ignore Great Advice
  • Dementia and Other Hard Things: Safeguarding Your Clients AND Your Practice
  • Advice that Sticks: Helpful Hacks and Cautionary Tales
  • What UHNW Families Need (You) to Know
  • Money, Mental Illness and Well-Being
  • Aftermath: Recovering from Mistakes in the Advisory Relationship
  • The Limits of Willpower (or, Why It All Goes to Hell at the End of the Day)
  • The Bad Habits of Highly Annoying Leaders
  • The Trouble with Transitions: How to Help When Life Packs a Wallop